Our new NUH nursing badge

We're on a journey to becoming the first organisation in the country to be ANCC Magnet® recognised. This means that the great clinical care outcomes and patient experience outcomes we already provide across our teams will be assessed formally as meeting the Magnet® standard for excellence. This is highly significant and something we should all be rightly proud of.

To recognise an individual's contribution to delivering excellence in care, we launched a competition to design and re-introduce the hospital nursing badge.  In November we launched our new Demonstrating Excellence Passports*. Nurses who complete the passport will be awarded the new NUH hospital badge. The badge will be awarded for the first time in May 2019.

Our winning badge design

Voting is now closed. You can download a document of all entries here

Thank you to all of our entrant, and congratulations to our winner, Rab. 

Here's our winning designs, soon to go into production.

Badge design

About the competition


  • We are inviting people to enter a competition to design a new NUH nursing hospital badge. 

  • Shortlisted designs will be digitally re- produced and subject to open voting to decide the winning entry. 

  • The designer of the winning entry will receive the first badge off the production line and a commemorative certificate to prove authenticity.

They will also be invited, as guest of honour, to the first award ceremony in May 2019.

This competition is only open to internal NUH staff. Please don't submit a competition entry if you are not an NUH employee.

The brief

Badge designs should reflect NUH in some form. This could relate to our hospitals, our history, our town, our county, or our professional practice model.

The final badge will be around 2 inches when produced - bear this in mind when creating your design!

How to enter

The competition has now closed for entries.

*Demonstrating Excellence Passports - what are they and why do we have them?

The passport illustrates the key aspects of our updated professional practice model (otherwise known as our PPM). Our original professional practice model was launched in 2014 following extensive consultation with staff across NUH. The refined and updated model included in the passport has been developed following a year-long review process where over 1000 nurses, midwives and members of the wider healthcare team have contributed to ensuring it remains a relevant and meaningful framework to guide practice at NUH.  Our professional practice model aligns with our vision, mission and values.  This helps us to ensure that our practice remains effective, efficient and relationship centred across care settings and that we are always looking to improve.