Just Doc It

Nottingham Hospitals Charity is launching its Just Doc It awards as a successful follow-on from our funding of the Just Do Its.

The Just Doc Its are designed for medical staff who come up with projects to enhance patient care by improving diagnosis or treatments, improving access or innovating a service. They will be awarded with up to £2,500 per project that would otherwise not happen without this quick injection of funding.

As with Just Do Its, the distinguishing feature of Just Doc Its will be to have a quick funding approval process. This is designed to help doctors to feel motivated and empowered to make a direct impact on their patients’ care.

Just Doc Its and Just Do Its are funded by Nottingham Hospitals Charity and together they now provide £100,000 of funding to help our nurses and doctors.


How can you Just Doc It

To submit your Just Do It idea, please complete the application form below and return this to richard.berrington@nuh.nhs.uk or charity@nuh.nhs.uk

First Just Doc It: Medical Appraisal iPads for the collection of patient feedback

Our first Just Doc It was submitted by Dr Carol Roberts, Chair of the NUH Medical Appraisal and Revalidation Advisory Group. 

Dr Carol's Just Doc It idea was to provide iPads for use by doctors to allow their patients to give anonymous feedback about their doctor and service.

All doctors are required to collect regular patient feedback on their practice in order to maintain their Licence to Practice with the GMC, and NUH already has a number of static iPads on wards and some clinic areas which can be used for this. However, some doctors including anaesthetists and community paediatricians don’t have access to them, and the team wanted to be able to have 4 iPads available to loan out from the appraisal office for their use.

At NUH, approx. 200 doctors per year need to collect feedback.