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Paediatric Diabetes Team named best in country for second year running

The Paediatric Diabetes Team at Nottingham Children’s Hospital has been named the best team in the country for the second year in a row.

The most recent National Paediatric Diabetes Audit, published in July 2018, reviewed data from 1 April 2016 – 31 March 2017. The data informs families and supports professionals to improve care and outcomes in paediatric diabetes.

The audit collects data on care processes and outcome measures. The best available outcome measure is the HbA1c, which reflects the average blood glucose over time. The lower the blood glucose the lower the risk of diabetes related complications. NICE recommends an optimal HbA1c of 48 mmol/mol and below.   

Nottingham Children’s Hospital was praised for its hard work and dedication to patient care. Results show that the paediatric diabetes unit has the best outcomes for children with Type 1 diabetes in England and Wales. These outcome measures have been improving year on year and now match those of the best performing centres internationally.

Louise Denvir, Consultant Paediatrician said: “I am so proud of the work the paediatric diabetes team do at Nottingham Children’s Hospital.We have an excellent multidisciplinary team who work extremely hard and are totally committed to helping all the children and young people achieve their aims whilst optimising the management of their diabetes. The whole team drive forward service developments and embrace research and technological advances. The team also understand that supporting children, young people and their families with their emotional, social and educational requirements is key to enabling them to manage their diabetes safely and effectively."


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