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Police Puppy named by patients at Nottingham Children’s Hospital

Children at Nottingham Children’s Hospital at Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) today named Nottinghamshire Police’s latest four-legged recruit.

14 year-old patient Sam Priestly revealed the new name for the excitable police puppy that has been nameless for the last 12 weeks – which is Billy.

The winning name was one of over 70 names chosen by children at Nottingham Children’s Hospital. Others uggestions included; Biscuits,  Call of Duty, Daniel the Spaniel, Fraggle, Gary to the Gangster, Pouncer, Sherlock, Tiddles and Twirlywoo.

Sam’s dad, Keith Priestly, from Leicester, said:  “Sam has had a bit of a rough time recently, but when he saw the puppy on the ward it made him smile which is something I haven’t seen for a long while. We’ve got a chocolate Labrador at home which we often show Sam on Facetime, but sadly he can’t hold him so seeing this excitable puppy has really made Sam happy.”

The winning name, ‘Billy’, really suits the Springer Spaniel which will be trained to be a sniffer dog in Nottinghamshire Police as he gets older.

Julie Roberts, Play Specialist at Nottingham Children’s Hospital, which is part of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “It was fantastic to see the childrens’ faces light up when they saw Billy the pup. He is very energetic and we look forward to hearing regular updates on his progress in the Police force. He has bought a smile to many poorly children’s faces.”

Inspector Newton, from Nottinghamshire Police, said: “It was such a touch choice as we had so many brilliant names. Thank you to all of you who suggested a name. It has been great meeting you all. The puppy is getting quite big, so it will be much easier to train him now that he has a name to respond to!”


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