Managing the Menopause

We are increasingly having more conversations with staff who are struggling with the menopause at work.  Of our workforce, 75% of NUH staff are female of which 24% are between 45-55yrs old (as of July 2019) therefore, large numbers will be going through the Menopause at any one time. We want to support staff to feel as though they can manage their symptoms well at work and foster an environment in which staff can talk openly to their colleagues and manager about the menopause.

Menopause Guidelines

In order to create a culture where staff feel comfortable talking about the menopause and how it's affecting them at work, we have put together some guidelines which staff will hopefully find useful.

Firstly, there are Guidelines for Employees - these focus on how to have a conversation with your line manager about how your menopause is affecting you at work and what support you may find useful as you are going through the menopause. Guidance for Employees .pdf 

Secondly, there are Guidelines for Managers - these are specifically for any line manager who is managing a member of staff going through the menopause. It explains what the menopause is and how you can support your member of staff to manage their symptoms better at work, thus being happier and more productive. Guidance for Managers .pdf 

Menopause workshops

Led by a Specialist Consultant in the menopause, these workshops dive a little deeper in to what the menopause is and focuses on how you can manage to symptoms via diet, lifestyle as well as busting some myths around HRT. They are always super popular so booking is essential. Please email us if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

Menopause sign

Further Resources

WHC-FACTSHEET-Menopause.pdf [pdf] 140KB  - Womens Health Concern - What is the Menopause factsheet

BDA food fact sheet.pdf [pdf] 339KB  - British Dietetic Association - Food and the Menopause factsheet

Exercise_through_Menopause.pdf [pdf] 137KB   - Exercising through the Menopause factsheet  – Information and support website ran by GP’s. - provides a confidential, independent service to advise, reassure and educate women on the menopause  - provide support and information who are experiences premature menopause. - Lifestyle website for women over 40.