Nominees announced

Below is the full list of categories and nominees for NUHonours2018.

Apprentice of the Year

Eliza Barlow - Fraser Ward, City Hospital

Eva Berehowskyj - WF1328, F Floor, West Block, QMC 

Jessica Whiting - AMRU, QMC

Katie  Oates - D55, QMC

Kieran  Evans - C52, QMC

Leah  Cannon - B3/AMRU, QMC

Leila Howard - E14, QMC 

Sarah Shields -  L&OD, 1st floor, City Hospital

Sophie Rogers - Fraser Ward, QMC

Tamzin Gordon - DREEAM, QMC

Best Use Of Time and Resource Award

Abayomi Anifowose - Better For You

Amanda Gunn- D Floor restaurant QMC

Craig Maddison - Estates and Facilities

Danny Collett, Porters QMC

Dr Jon Jin Kim - Paediatric Nephrology

Emma Cross - Nursing and Midwifery Institute

Jacqui Willis- Procurement QMC

Jane Newton, Jen Wardle-Millar, Matt Tinsley - Emergency Department

Jen Hart- Children's Hospital

Jo Draper-Moore- Queen’s day Case Unit

Karen Whiting, Nick Woodier and Nicola Fountain - Patient Safety 

Kunal Gohil - Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation Department

Lisa Sawers - Breast Institute

Louise Maddison -Paediatric Diabetes Team

Margaret Wells- Winifred 2

Mick Plewinski- Logistics

Nicola Strawther and Chris Neale - Estates and Facilities

Steve Briggs - Estates and Facilities

Peter Foxon -Paediatric Pharmacist x2


Caring and Helpful Award

Alison Reeves - Physiotherapist

Amanda Harrold- Edward 2

Amber Hall - QDCU

Andrea Clegg- Surgery Division

Angelina Wikova - F20 HCOP

Angela Knifton- Mobility Centre

Ann Kelly - F20

Anna Hunting-Young - E14/15

Annabel Lacey - Burns Unit, City

April Johnson - F21

Assumpta Hardy - F20 HCOP

Bella Dorman- Safeguarding Lead Nurse NUH

Beverley Aram - Queens Day Case Unit

Brenda Chambers - Specialist Receiving Unit

Carolyn Green - Healthcare of the Older Person

Cate Macdonald - City Endoscopy

Celeste Tacay - F20 HCOP

Chelsea Walker- F21

Claire Murray - F20

Charmaine Buss- Critical care 

Christina Nyirenda - F20 HCOP

Cindy Bangert- Clinical Genetics, City Campus

Clare Lee - Labour suite

Claire McCollum- Occupational Therapist

Claire Wright- Children's Ambulatory Care Unit

Clerence Bhamra- Patient Catering

Clive Grimshaw - Directorate of Estates and Facilities Management

Colin Brown - F20 HCOP

Charlotte Worrall

Daniel Dudley - F20 HCOP

Danielle Harvey-  Burns and Plastcis 

David Stringer - Day Surgery Unit, City Hospital

Dr Hui Sian Tay - F20

Dr Omar - Emergency Department 

Dr Marta Castro- B47

Dr Mutey - D57

Dr Mun Poon- C52 

Eleanor Bramley - F20

Elizabeth Sheppard-  Education team/main theatres city

Emma Richardson- Operations Team, Duty Matron

Emma Walker- B3

Esperanza Gimeno Frances - F20 HCOP

F20- F20 

Gabriella Corbett - Labour suite

Glenn Price - Property Services Ground Floor, City Hospital

Haematology Day Case Team

Helen Wyke - Oncology and Plastucs, Cancer Division

Henri Parks- Corporate 

Holly Millerchip - Paediatric Critical Care Unit

Invasive Cardiology Assistant Physiologists - Linby Cardiology

Jackie Seagrave - Maxillofacial Theatres

Jackie Henson Discharge Coordinator

Jacqui Willis - Procurement department, City Hospital

Jane Newton, Jen Wardle-Millar, Matt Tinsley - ED

Jason Hitchen - Postal Services

Jean Murphy- Discharge Lounge

Jed Vango- Porter

Jess Beaumont - Beeston Ward, City Hospital 

Jill Hayman- Surgery Division, Speciality PA to Gastroenterology

Joanna Stachurska - Berman 1

Joanne Leahy - Hogarth Ward

Judy Clarke-  Radiology - Obstetrics Ultrasound

Julie Chadburn- Neonatal

Katie Wardell - Edward 2

Kay Hornby -F18

Keeran Fowdur - F20 HCOP

Kelly Henderson - B3

Kezia Mantalaba - F20

Kerrie Roberts - F20 HCOP

Kirstie Ann Measures - E14/15, QMC

Laiju Raju - F20 HCOP, QMC

Lajawant Bassi - Children's Ambulatory Care Unit

Laura Dainty- Family Health - Paediatrics

Laura Kitchener- Carrel Ward

Lena Murray - D35, QMC

Lillian Wiles - IDT, QMC

Lisa Hodgkinson - HCOP, QMC

Lisa Sargent - F20 HCOP, QMC

Lorraine Begg - C25, QMC

Lorraine Moss- Hucknall Health Centre with Community Midwives

Margaret Warbrick - Fletcher Ward, City Hospital

Margaret Harvey-  Burns and plastics physiotherapy

Mary - FetalCare, City Hospital

Mary Keane - F20 HCOP, QMC

Maternity at City Hospital

Michael Green and Robert Mackness- L&OD 

Michael Beet, E12, QMC

Mohammad Allaboudy - C52, QMC

Monica Jose - F20 HCOP, QMC

Nadia Bashir - Xray, Radiology

Narinda Pal - Clinical Support Division

Nicola Glassy- Burns and plastics physio 

Patricia Mellors- Cleaning services 

Patricia Sturman - Cleaning services 

Patrick Walker- QMC Stores

Paul Degraft-Johnson - ICT Services 

Paul Hill -  ICT Services

Paul Knight and Mark Kane- Trent Sims

Pauline Arthur - Paediatric Theatre

Rachel Smith - Edward 2

Rachel Hayes-  Loxley Ward

Rebecca Lea - Macmillan Cancer Information Officer

Reymund Jocsing- CFU

Receptionist team Edward 2: Sandra, Karen and Gill

Richard Allan - Estates and Facilities, City Hospital

Ricky Banzon - F20 HCOP, QMC

Roxanne Detomal -Loxley

Samantha Felstead - QMC Main Reception

Sara Pearson- D58

Sarah Bannister-  Maxillofacial theatres QMC

Sarah Brand- Renal Research

Sarah White- Emergency theatres, QMC 

Sharon Abbott - F20 HCOP, QMC

Sharon Mould - Paediatric Renal, QMC

Sharon Wilson - Bowel Cancer Screening,QMC

Shelley Gatehouse - ABC ward at QMC

Sophie Lu - F20, QMC

Stella Peck - Head Office 

Sue Brydon- QMC Labour Suite

Susan Clark- F20 

Susan Stevens - Clinc 2 Outpatients

Tina Wesley - Neonatal Unit QMC

Terri McLeod -Physiotherapist

TIA Clinic- City 

Virginia Brooks-  Edward 2

Warren Bennett- Cardiology

Yvonne Taylor- Car parking and Traffic management

Zarin Shiekh- F20 



Chair's Award (NHS70)

Beth Broughton -  Paediatric Intensive

Bryant Hose - Linen services

Courtney Henson - Childrens outpatients, QMC 

Deborah Spence - Urology Theatres

Dr Michael O'Donoghue - Neurology, QMC

Dr David Thomas is a Consultant Paediatrician

Demas Esberger - Emergency Department 

Eleanor Wood - Head & Neck Cancer 

Helen Unwin - Theatres

Jeff - Berman 2 

Julian McGlashan - ENT, QMC 

Kerry Harper - Voluntary Services, QMC 

Kim Helm - Childrens Renal Transplant 

Kirsty Chapman  -

Lynn Pashley -

Steve Follows - Emergency Planning

Muriel Donaldson  - Dietetics & Nutrition      

Community Champion Award

Anika Aston

Breast Cancer support Group

Cardiac Support Group

Free Cakes for Kids

Hazel Stevens

Joan Charlett

Joanne Bloomfield

Lindsay Hall

Matt's Fund

Nicky Murray

Nottingham Cardiac support group

Nuthall lights

Pauline Campbell

Sallyann Petts

Super George's Fundraising Army (Sophie Parkins)

The Swift Family

Fearless Fundraising

KT’s Coast and Castles Cycle Team

Black & Green Ball

Ashley & Victoria Brice

Clinical Star Award

Acute Medicine Receiving Unit (AMRU) - QMC

Adolfo Parra-Blanco - Endoscopy

Alison Haywood - AMRU, QMC

Alison Large - Oncology

Amie Manjang - Ophthalmology Outpatients

Bruno Mafric- Dietetics & Nutrition

Chantelle Bell  Berman 1

Cardiology Cath Lab Team- Trent Cardiac 

Cathy Reynolds and Sue Eaton- Respiratory Medicine

C4 - QMC

Chris Rollason - Clinical Support, QMC

David Stringer  - Day Surgery Unit

Dawn Brooks - Physiotherapy

Dr Mahendru - Fetal Medicine and Obstetrics

Dr Sophie Wilne - Paediatric Oncology

Dr Abhilash Nair - Southwell Ward, City Hospital

Dr Helen Roberts - Southwell Ward, City Hospital 

Dr Michael O' Donoghue - Neurology

Dr Piera Santullo - Linden Lodge

Dr Sadia Anwar - Southwell Ward, City Hospital

Dr Emma O’Dowd - Southwell 

Estrella Felix - F20

Elizabeth Murphy- D8 

Fiona Haynes - Wolfson Cystic Fibrosis Centre, City Hospital

Harry Wicks- Ward D57

Hui Sian Tay -  F20

Hayley Ryan -Dietetics             

Ian Lindley - Urology Theatres, City 

Jane Pizer - Histopathology

Julia Woodward - HCOP 

Julian McGlashan - EENT, QMC

Kim Woodcock  -Physiotherapy

Kirstie Ann Measures - E14/15, QMC

Kunal Gohil - Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation Department

Laura Butland - Genetics Department, City Hospital

Louise Kirk - Edward 2

Dr Marco Messina - Opthalmology

Melanie Molinari Recovery - City Hospital Theatres

Piera Santullo - Linden Lodge

Richard McBain - Mobility Centre, City Hospital

Saker Saker - Eye Department/Macular clinic

Sam Bennet - Neuro and Spines

Sarah King - Physiotherapy

Simon Gates - Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist PCCU 

Suzanne Wallace - Maternity

Southwell Ward consultants (Red & Green Team)

Theatre Admissions Suite Team - B50 QMC

Tina Wesley - Neonatal Unit QMC 

Tracey Garfoot - Ward A23 Emergency Gynaecology, QMC


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award

Angela Johnson - Sterile Services

Aquiline Chivinge

BAME Council

BAME Shared Governance Council

Clare Lewin - Estates and Facilties

Darren Morris - Sterile Services

Dr Ruth Taylor and Lee Portas - Sexual Health

Frances Danylec - Therapies

Joanne Bloomfield- Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Service

Kate Jack - Hepatology Department

Keith Langmack- Radiotherapy Physics/ Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

Micha Bradshaw - Oncology and Radiotherapy

Michael Brown - Clinical Support Worker

Ruth Bunn- Shared Governance Clinical Support

Simon Travis - Radiology

Fundraiser of the Year Award

Children's ED - Children's ED

Children's X-Ray Team - Children's X-Ray Team

City Endoscopy Team - City Endoscopy Team

City Hospital Theatres Team - City Hospital Theatres Team   

The Women's Health Team: Benita Brear, Debbie Raffle, Wendy Adams, Gillian Yates, Alison Kerr, Sarah Kordula, Sharon Bhatia - Women's Health

Dominique Hughes - Children's Emergency Dept

Elizabeth Roper -  Dietetics 

Forever Stars - Forever Stars 

Hayward House - Hayward House 

Helen Palmer - Harvey 2

Joss Mee - Endoscopy (City)

Josh Ferron- Endoscopy

Nicola Kennedy - Radiology

Debbie Raffle and the Women's Health Team - Theatre Education Team

Hayward House - City

Helen Palmer - Harvey 2

Jennie Wallace and Hannah Soar 

B26 - B26

Nicola Kennedy - Radiology

Josh Ferron- City Endoscopy

Radiotherapy, City Hospital - C/O Becky Cole Radiotherapy

Sue Stevens, Julie Whitwoth,Susan Hudson and Nicola Doungcharassaeng - Clinic 2 QMC 

The Children's Renal Team - Ward E17

Inspiring Staff Wellbeing Award

Andrea Shemilt - Radiation Physics

Andrea Clegg - Surgery Division

Daisy Moone - QMC Spinal Theatres

Darren Ruskin - Therapies

Denise Jacques - Theatre Supplies Department

Helen Stafford - Harvey 2

Hui Sian Tay - F20

Jacqueline Loveday-Brown - Fleming Ward

Joy Holmes - Lead Technician Goverance

Karen Whiting - Patient Safety Team

Kate Matthews - Main Theatres City

Kim Oscroft - BCSP

Lorraine Hourd - Medicine Division

Louise Kirk         - Edward 2 

Narinda Pal - HR Divisional Lead Clinical Support

Nila Rochester - Quality Control

NUH Couch to 5k Run Leader Team - Trust HQ, City 

Pam Doherty - Ambulatory Care Pathway

Pamela Doherty  Liesl Smith Daniele Kitson -Ambulatory Care Pathway 

Pricilla Densley - Harvey 2 Reception

Rebecca Childs - Oncology Daycase

Rebecca Willis - Morton Ward

Ruth Bunn - Shared Governance

Sam Felstead - QMC Main Entrance Reception 

Sarah Terry - Children's Therapy Team

Stella Peck - Trust HQ, 1st Floor 

Stephen Henaghan - General Surgery

Susan Kinney     D10 and D11

Occupational Health Nurse Team - Occupational Health

Vicky Malia - Surgery

Leader of the Year Award

Alison Kinchin - Renal Transplantation

Alison Haywood - Acute Medicine Receiving Unit, QMC 

Andrea Clegg - Surgery

Aquiline Chivinge - Ambulatory care

Angie Braley - Neurosciences

Belinda Dring - Deputy Divisional Nurse, CAS

Beverly Ball - Trauma and Orthopaedic Ward C5

Becky Thurlow - Children's Ambulatory Care

Cat Wilson-Smith - ICT Helpdesk

Chantal Moir - Elective Orthopaedics, City Campus

Chantelle Randall - Haematology

Charlie Madgwick - Bramley

Cheryl Broodryk - D57

Christine Huston - Parkinson’s Outpatients Rehabilitation Service 

Claire Ashby - Edward 2

Claire Benton - Audiology, Ropewalk House 

Claire Smith - SRU, City Campus

Damion Abbey - Satellite Dialysis Unit Kings Mill

David Preece - Estates 

Dr Aamer Ali- HCOP

Dr Chokkalingham - Diabetic foot clinic

Dr Michael O'Donoghue - Neurology Department

Dr Thabit Sabbubeh - Clinical Neurophysiology

Ellen Cutler - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Ellie Robinson - Cancer Centre, City 

Emma Bramley - D8

Emma Nicholson - Fleming Ward Respiratory Medicine

Emma Bramley - D8

Fiona Straw - Paediatrics - Community

Gina Policelli - Site Op's 

Helen Chilton - Ward B48

Helen Harris - City Dialysis Unit

Ian Harris - Porters, Patient Movement

Ina Sobaleva - Cystic Fibrosis Centre

Irene Woodcock - Community Paediatrics

Jackie Richardson - Linby Cardiology

Jayne Madin and Natalie Wright - Cardiac Short Stay Unit

Jeanette Johnson - QDCU

Jen Beaumont - Trust HQ, 3rd Floor, City 

Jenni Hatton - Paediatric Oncology

Jenny Mellor - Ward C6

Jo Harvey - D55

Jo Worrell - Trust HQ 1st floor, City 

Joanne Kay - Education and Development Theatres QMC

Joanne Thompson - Critical Care, QMC 

Jonathan Irvine - Procurement, City 

Judith Green - Integrated Sexual Health Service

Kate Hussain - Children's Occupational Therapy, QMC 

Kathryn Richardson - DREEAM

Keith Knox - Neck Specialties, ENT

Kim Hope- Emergency and Obstetrics

Kerry Walker - Colorectal Theatres

Korrina Woollams - D58

Kos Sehat - T&O

Laura Mitchell - ENT Theatres QMC

Leanne Marshall - Southwell Ward

Lisa Sawer - Breast Institute City

Lisa Wells - D58

Louise Brinklow - Neuro Theatres

Lucy Gillespie - Practice Development Lead for Recruitment and Retention

Luis Machado - E15

May Cheung - F18 

Maria Shallow - Acute Pathway Lead

Maria Trifu - SRU, City Hospital

Mark Lyons -Cardiac Physiologist, 

Mike McLean - Estates & Facilities

Michelle Clark - Therapy Services

Michelle Richardson - D10 

Matija Daniel - ENT, QMC 

Nicola Wilson -Bowel Cancer Screening Department

Jonathan Pollock  -Plastic Surgery  

Parminder Gill - Critical Care Outreach Team

Pauline Bramley -  Newell Ward

Peter Ward - Outpatients QMC

Rachel Boardman - Surgical CSU

Rebecca Childs -  Oncology Daycase Unit

Rebecca McNaught - C24

Rebecca Selwyn - Critical Care, Clinical Support

Rachel Dolby- Children's Hospital

Rosemary Gradwell - Community Paediatrics

Rebecca Sims - Acute Medicine

Sarah Larkin- Ward C6

Sarah Walton - Lister 1 City

Sarah Fleet - NCCTT

Sharon Squire - Children's Services

Sharon Saunders - Surgery Division

Stacey Mason - Theatre

Stephanie McHale - PDM Office, Family Health City

Sue Chisholm - CAS 

Susan Kinney - D10

Suzanne Hawkins - Berman 1

Terri Worthington - Ward D11

Thea DeBeer - Critical Care

Tina Lees - B3

Tracy Keane - Medicine

Yvonne Kingston, Clinical Engineering BSU Supervisor

Vicky Malia - Surgery Division

Patient Safety Champion Award

CAT Team - Oncology

Charmaine Buss - Adult Intensive Care Unit

City Labour Suite Shared Governance Council - Maternity

David Pacey - Patient Movement

Fletcher Shared Governance Council - Fletcher Ward

Harjinder Dhillon -Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation Department

Heather Abdic - Gastronitestinal Service

Karen Brown - Loxley 

Karen Whiting, Nick Woodier, Nicola Fountain - Patient Safety Trust HQ, City 

Paul Hills - TBC 

Stephanie McHale - PCCOT

Ward F21 - F21 


Quality Improvement Award

Adult Critical Care Tissue Viability Team - Adult Critical Care

Amelia Banks - Anaesthetics / Obstetrics City 

Andrew Harwood - Histopathology, NUH

Anticoagulant Services - Anticoagulant Services

Better For You Wave Process - Corporate

BFU Project With Stroke Services - Corporate

Cardiology Shared Governance Council - Cardiology 

Cassandra Elliott - Adult Critical Care

City Labour Suite Shared Governance Council - Maternity, City 

Colorectal Consultant Team 

Critical Care Rehab Therapies Team - Critical Care Department (CCD) City Hospital

Denise JacquesSterile Services

David Stringer - Day Surgery Unit City

Dr Cheika Kennedy - Radiology

Gill Datta - Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme

Dr Hui Tay - F20

Jeremy Lewis - Acute Medicine

Joanne Field - Molecular Genetics

Mojgan Sani - CS Pharmacy

Nikki Sarkar- Adult Critical Care

Steve Briggs - Anlaytics and Insight Team

Sam Drury - E39 Daycare

Sarah Freer - Hayward House

Sarah Gregory   Better For You  

Sharon Littlewood - Phlebotomy

Stroke Front Door Team with EMAS Ambulance Service and Radiology - Stroke /EMAS /Radiology

Stroke Shared Governance Council - Across all 3 Stroke Wards at City campus

Terence Ong - C/O Carolyn Green 

Wave Programme - Corporate

Research and Innovation Award

Andrew Wragg - R&I QMC 

Children's Clinical Research Team - C Floor, South Block, Room 2603, QMC

Christopher Joyce - Information & Insight

Dr Emma O’Dowd - Southwell Ward

Dr Joseph Manning - Children's Hospital

Gary Drury - Elective Orthopaedics

Gary Hutson - Information and Insight, Finance & Procurement

Investigating Musculoskeletal Health and Wellbeing Cohort Study Team- NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre

Leanne Alder - Nottingham Cancer Clinical Trial Team

Lindsay Crate - Children's Clinical Research

Margaret Kerr - R&I PPI Rep 

Nicola Monahan, Helen Garrity, Bev Aram- Queens Day Case Unit (QDCU)

Paediatric Oncology Research Team - Paediatric Oncology, QMC 

Rachel Gomez- NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, Hearing theme

Simon Travis - Radiology

Investigating Musculoskeletal Health and Wellbeing Cohort Study Team - Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre

Ward F21 - Ward F21

Rising Star Award

Adam Churchman - A&E 

Amy Barrass - Southwell Ward

Anna Bolland - Critical Care QMC

Ashley Rolfe - Comms Team, South Block, E Floor 

Beth Turner - Occupational Therapy

Blythe Garner - Neonatal Intensive Care

Bob Diepeveen - Better for You (CAS)

Claire Leatherland- L&OD 

Cara Azad - Loxley Ward

Daniel Steven - Specialist Receiving Unit

Danielle Smith - Urology Theatres

Dr Hui Sian Tay - F20

Elliot Cross - Family Health/Paediatrics

Emily Thornhill - Southwell Ward

Francisca NSabere - F22

Hannah Jackson - D55

Hayley Ryan       Dietetics             

Harjinder Dhillon - Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation Department

Humera Anwar - L&OD, Trust HQ, City

Jennifer Fleming - D11

Jennifer Simmons - Clinical Neurophysiology

Jessica Dovner - Ward E38

Johnathan Pitchford - Finance Advanced Analyst

Kate McNamara - ENT Outpatient Clinic

Kellie Harby - Corporate Nursing Team

Kara Wesley Debra Barton  - D10

Laura Good - Specialist Receiving Unit

Louise Wigglesworth - Harvey 2

Maria Trifu - Specialist Receiving Unit

Mel Hallam - Learning and Organisational Development

Monica Korpal - SRU

Melissa McFarlene - Comms Team, South Block, E Floor 

Natalia Wojowics - Eye Outpatients, Opthalmology

Rebecca Haines - Molecular Genetics

Samantha Newton - D11

Sarah O'Brien - Histopathology Department

Sarah Hutton - Postgraduate Medical Education Department

William Rayment - Bramley

Zoe Greatrex - Medicine Division Management Team

Team of the Year (Team NUH)

Accident and Emergency Team - Emergency Department

Acute Cardiac Unit - Acute Cardiac Unit

Acute Medicine Bed Managers - Acute Medicine QMC

Adult Critical Care Tissue Viability Team - Adult Critical Care

Adult Critical Care Clinical Education Team - Adult Critical Care

Adult Safeguarding Nurse Specialist Team - Safeguarding

Ambulatory CT Biopsy pathway team - Radiology

Ambulatory lung biopsy team - Radiology

B3 and AMRU staff - B3

BAME Council - Aquiline Chivinge 

Band 6 Team on Ward B3

Bed Managers in Critical Care Critical Care 

Berman 1

Better for You Wave Team

Bob Ford and  Mick Wyer - Capital Estates Team

Bowel Cancer Screening Hub team - Science and Technology Pathway

Bramley Ward

Burns Team Burns Unit - City Hospital

C29 team- Maternity postnatal ward - QMC

Cancer Centre Team Cancer Centre Team - City Hospital

Cardiac Advanced Nurse Practioner Team - Cardiac Intensive Care and Morris Ward

Cardiac Rehabilitation Team- City Hospital

Cardiology Cath Lab Team- Trent Cardiac

Carrel team - City Hospital

Cassandra Elliott, Deputy Sister - CCD, City Hospital.

Chemotherapy day case - City Hospital 

Children's ED Band 5 team - Peads ED

Children's Emergency Shared Governance Council - Peads ED

Children's Occupational Therapy Team - Occupational Therapy QMC

Childrens Safeguarding Nurse Specialist Team

GI day case unit main outpatients - City Hospital

City Hospital IBD team Gastroenterology, Digestive Diseases - City Hospital

Cleaning Services Team Leaders QMC Cleaning Services Team Leaders QMC

Clinical Neurophysiology Clinical Neurophysiology - QMC 

Clinical Engineering Stores (Christian Browne and Dariusz Zbeijewski)

Clinical Engineering Business Support Unit Clinical Engineering -  Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering

Clinical Support Matrons

Communications Team -  QMC 

Complaints and PALS - QMC 

Corporate Patient Safety Team3rd floor, THQ, City campus

Critical Care Doctors, Consultants, Trainees and Fellows AICU, E12 and CCD

Critical Care Falls and Delirium Champions Critical Care

Critical Care Band 7 Team- Critical Care

Critical Care Team- Critical Care

Day Surgery Unit Day Surgery Unit - city hospital

David Maher and Logistics team- Estates and Facilities

Digital Nursing Team - Clinical ICT

Discharge Lounge Team - Discharge Lounge QMC

DMWS Defence Medical Welfare Service Welfare Officers


Early Pregnancy Nurse Specialists, Ward A23

Edward 2

Ellie Robinson and Sue Chisholm

Emily Sale - Nottingham burns unit

ENT Head and Neck Theatre Team including Plastics - ENT Theatres

Estates and Facilities Admin - City 

Estates engineers QMC Estates QMC

Estates help desk - QMC 

Evening Rapid Response Cleaning Services Team Cleaning Services - Estates & Facilities

Evening domestic staff cleaning services Cleaning Services - Estates & Facilities

Eye Casualty

Eye Outpatients - Ophthalmology

F18 Nursing team - F18/HCOP


Flow and Capacity Team 

F20 ward

Fibroscan Team - Queen's Day Case Unit

Fracture Clinic Nursing and Admin Team - Fracture Clinic 

Fracture Clinic- QMC 

GI Day Case

Haematology Daycase - City Hospital

Harvey 2

Head & Neck Unit - C25

Head and Neck Cancer Team - EENT QMC 

Head & Neck Unit Ward C25 & C24

Hiba and Laith- Head and Neck TeamWard C25 - Head and Neck ward

Hospital @nightHospital

Hospital Porters

Hui Tay - F20

ICT training team - ICT

Integrated Discharge Team - Medicine 

Imfliximab infusion team - GI Day Case Unit at City Hospital 

Kat Hendy,  Jonathan Shipman and the whole ICT department 

Linden lodge neuro rehab unit - Linden Lodge 

Logistics team leaders - QMC Logistics QMC

Loxley ward

Main Outpatients Department - City Hospital

Major trauma Case Managers - C30

Margaret Stone and team - Information Governance/Ergonomics

Materials Management Team - QMC Campus

NeoNatal QMC 

Neonatal Shared Goverance Team

Neurology Operational Delivery Group - Neurology and ICT

Newell stroke ward - Newell Stroke ward

Nicky Babiarz - Interventional Radiology Theatres

Nottingham Breast Institute - City Hospital

Nottingham limb reconstruction/frame service Orthopaedic trauma

City Hospital Neonatal team

NUH youth service team  

Nursing staff D55

Nursing staff on Respiratory Assessment Unit on Morton WardMorton Ward

Oncology daycase on SRU Oncology daycase

Oncology daycase City 

Operations Site Matrons

Pacemaker Clinic Team - Linby Cardiology

Paediatric and Obstetric Theatres - Paediatric and Obstetric Theatres QMC

Paediatric theatre Paediatric theatre

Paediatric Gastro Team Children's Hospital 

Paracentesis Nursing Team - Queen's Day Case Unit

Patient Safety – Team Trust HQ, City 

Pauline Bramley and Newell ward staff - Newall 

Pharmacy & Medicines Governance Team - Pharmacy & Medicines Governance Team

Plastic and Burns Main Theatres - city campus

Porters QMC Patient Movement QMC

Procurement Category/Buying Team Procurement, City 

QMC neonatal team Neo natal Unit, QMC 

QMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nursing Staff Neo natal Unit, QMC 

QMC Main reception staff

RAU Morton Ward

Receptionist team on Adult Intensive Care AICU

Respiratory nurses & Health Care Assistants Southwell Ward Southwell Ward

Respiratory Physiotherapy -QMC

Rehab Unit City Hospital

Ryan and Iffy Ophthalmic theatres

Sabrina Holmes Southwell Ward

Sarah Wilson, Frances Hollox, Robert Armstrong, John Hackett & Leonardo Alvero -Cleaning Services, QMC 

Satellite Dialysis Unit kings mill-Renal

Sexual Health Reception/ Contact Centre Team Sexual Health Nottingham, City Hospital

Southwell Ward

Southwell Ward consultants (Red & Green Team)

Specialist Receiving Unit Specialist Receiving Unit

Specialist Receiving Unit & Oncology Daycase

Spine theatres team- QMC - Spine theatres team- QMC

Stephanie Carter, Daisy Moone and the Spines Team  

SRU Specialist Receiving Unit

Sue Chisholm and Ellie Robinson - CAS

Surgical Capacity and Flow Team - Surgery, QMC 

Surgical Triage Team, QMC Surgical Triage Unit, QMC

Team Anaesthesia

Technical Services, ICT

Team Anaesthesia 

The palliative care team - Palliative Care

The Neurology Consultant and Admin - Neurology

Senior Nursing and ODP Team - Clinical Support Division

Theatre recovery Team QMC 

Theatre Patient Escort Team-Main theatres QMC

Trauma Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Nurse Practitioner/trauma co coordinator/ trauma assistant team Orthopaedic Trauma across the patient pathway

Trust Wide Safeguarding Team, Corporate Nursing

Vanessa Bacon and the Anaesthetic Admin Team- Dept. of Anaesthesia

Ward B3 Ward B3

Ward C4 Ward C4 

Ward C6 Ward C6

Ward D33 Ward D33

Ward D57 Ward D57




Ward D10 

Ward D11

Ward D57 

Women’s Unit 

Winifred 2


Trainee of the Year Award

Ameet Ghattaora - F20

Ben Whyler - Harvey 1 ward City Campus

Cara McKenzie - Genetics

Connor McCarthy - Audiology, Ropewalk House

Dana Ball  -B47

Dr Emma Temple - Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine

Dr Thomas Moore - Clinical Oncology

Dr Tom Livingstone - Acute Medicine

Dr Caroline Facey - Hayward House

Dr Marissa Hagan - STR in HCOP

Dr Naveed Khawaja - Renal Medicine

Dr Richard Greenhow - Renal and Transplant Unit

Emily Mudenha - Endocrinology, diabetes and GIM

Elizabeth White- D10

Junior Doctor Rota  Coordinators - Medical HR

Kate Walker - OBGYN Family Health

Katherine Millard - Neonatology

Kelly Hall 

Louisa Yeoman - ShawHead & Neck Unit C25

Rachel Fisken - Haematology

Rhian Bryon - Edward 2

Rozeena Garner - Rheumatology Specialist Registrar

Tamzin Gordon ED - DREEAM

William Tennant - Bramley

William Rayment - Bramley

Training and Development Award

Abby Ford - Corporate

Amelia Thorpe - Endoscopy

Ashley Rolfe - Communications Team

Claire Roberts - Clinical Nurse Educator

Claire Saxton - surgery F22

David Williams - Clinical Engineering

Ellen Cutler 

Emma Cross - Institute of Nursing and Midwifery Excellence

Elliot Cross - ED1770 nr D34

Excellence in Admin AcademySurgery Management

Fiona Branch- Clinical Support

Heather Young - NUH Training Team

Julie Caston Nottingham Hospitals' Radio

Karen Butler Haematology clinical educator.

Kathryn Cox - A&E 

Kathryn Richardson - DREEAM

Kirsty Ann Measure sSurgery E14 E15

Laura Bathe Critical Care

Liesl Smith Ambulatory care clinical support 

Lisa Balsom Orthopaedic Trauma Wards C4

Louise Barnes Surgical Division

Medical Devices Training Team 

Nicky Freeman C31

Pam Doherty Clinical Support

Paula Maddy Learning and Organisational Development

Rachael Deene Respiratory Medcine

Rachael Deane and the Respiratory & Stroke education teamRespiratory and stroke medical division

Rachel McGownInstitute of Nursing and Midwifery Care Excellence

Rachel ShieldsHarvey 2 CAS

Ruth Bunn and Elaine PerrinPractice and Education Development for HCS, AHP and Pharmacy 

Sarah Dillon - D8 Spinal Unit

Sharon Williams Bramley

Specialist Receiving Unit Specialist Receiving Unit

Steph Carter Spinal Theaters

Sterile Services Technician Training TeamSterile Services

Vicky MaliaSurgery

Unsung Hero Award

Adam Hall Surgery Division- Analytics Team

Adele Frost   Ltv Team Nottingham Children's Hospital

All medi link drivers  

Amanda StapletonMain Theatres - QMC

Amanda Blackshaw Medicine division

Amy Ainsworth Chemotherapy daycase

Andrew MotsonUrology, City Hospital

Andrew Hutchinson - Anaesthesia

Anek Mehta - ICT 

Anita LaskowskiEstates and Facilities- Night Domestic

Barbra Doughty EFM

Bruno Mafrici - Dietetics & Nutrition

Carole Harvey - D Floor resturant 

Carrie Evans - Fianace 

Caroline Kirk - Trauma and Orthopedics 

Catherine Britton- Sterile Services

Christian Godoga - Evoked Potentials. Medical Physics

Catherine Loughran - Pharmacy

Chris Joyce - Information & Insight

Christopher Elliot - ICT


Daniel Moulding- Pacs Team, Radiology

Darren Perkins - ICT

David Holleworth - Neuro and Spines

Dawn Drury Gastrointestinal Services

Debbie Burton  - D11

Deb Kellow -Fraser  

Deborah Andrews - Deputy Head of PMO, ground floor, city 

Denise ChapmanTherapy Services -  QMC

Donna Jermy - D58

Dr Hui Sian Tay -  F20

Dr Michael O'Donoghue - Neurology

The E-Roster team

Ellie Jones - ICT

Eleanor Robinson - Cancer Centre  

Elliot Cross - Family Health

Emily Briggs - Respiratory

Emma Barber-  HR Recuitment

Endoscopy City Admin team - Endoscopy Unit at City Campus

Jenny PeelDomestics QMC

Gareth Jones and teamTrent cardiac, City 

Gary Young - Maintenance Assistant

Halima Dagia- Complaint Team

Hannah Land Occupational Therapist

Heather Young - Theatres QMC

Helen Kennedy - CAS

Ian Cattermer - Finance

Integrated Discharge Team NUH  - Cancer Centre

Jacki Scott - Post Graduate Education

Jane Atkins - CAS Flow & Capacity Matron

Jasbinder Gill - Specialist Receiving Unit

Jeff Fletcher - Berman 1

Jennie Walker - Surgery

Jenny Peel - Estates and facilities

Jessica Mulford - Neurosurgery Ward D11

Jo Eastwood - Anaesthetics Department

Jo Tomlinson  -Trust HQ           

Jo Waterfall - Nottingham City Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Joanne Hawkins - Complaints and PALS

John Byrns - D8

John Garnham-Davies - Postgraduate Medical Education

Jonathan Irvine - Procurement

John Harbuz - Estates Department QMC Campus

Jonathan Ashley - Radiology

Josie Sewing room - QMC 

Joss Mee - Endoscopy

Julia Foston and Dinah Burton - Haematological malignancy diagnostics, City

Julian McGlashan - EENT 

Julie Cotton - Medicine

Julie Chadburn - Neonatal Continuing Care worker

Julie Hatter  -Rosemarie Wright and their teamDomestic Team Leaders, QMC 

Juliet Peterkin - B3

Junior Doctor Rota Coordinators- Medical HR

Kahla Allan - Comms 

Karen Brown - Loxley

Karen Norman - NICU

Karim Premji - Pathology IT

Kath Brandreth - Institute of Nursing and Midwiferey Excellence

Kelly Flanagan - Sterile Services

Kirsty Bradshaw - Molecular Genetics

Kunal Gohil - Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation Department

Laura Skiafe-knight - Comms 

Lisa De Vivo - Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

Lisa Edwards - Corporate finance, City 

Lisa Silver - HR Recruitment team

Louise Brinklow - Neuro Theatres, Clinical Support

Loretta Forde - Trust HQ, 3rd floor, City 

Louise Brinklo - Neuro Theatres

Lynsey Bould - Radiology

Lynne Cresswell - Capacity and Flow

Mark Howard - Youth service

Marlene Hyatt - Estates and facilities

Melanie Lowry - QDCU

Mick Plewinski - Logistics

Marleine RoseTrust HQ, 1st floor, City 

Neil Mitchell -Logistics

Neal Hughes- Communications

Nicky Murray - Advanced Analyst

Nicola Richardson - Fracture Clinic

Nichola Strawther and Elizabeth Roper - Nutrition and Dietetics  

Nikki Camina - Paediatric Rheumatology

Nikki Allen - Pharmacy

Owen Hope - Estates and Facilities

Pat Gilliatt  - Sterile Services Technician

Pat Waite - NSPU Surgery

Paul Degraft-Johnson - ICT Services - Telecommunications

Paul Wainwright - Children's Ambulatory Care

Paul Wakefield - ENT Theatres

Paul Knight, Mark Kane and Michael JohnsonTrent Sims 

Pauline Arthur - Paediatric theatre

Pharmacy & Medicines Governance Team - Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation

Rachel smith - Edward2

Rita Martin - E Floor, East Block

Ruby ( And Dale), POOCHES - Volunteer services

Saaliah kadiri - ENT theatres

Sam DilksWard -E14 QMC

Sam Drury - E39 Daycare

Samantha Felstead - QMC main recption

Sandra Corbett - Information & Insight

Sarah Hutton - Postgraduate Medical Education department

Sarah Solomon - Elective orthopaedics

Sharon Simcox - Trust HQ, City Campus

Sherie Belfitt - Neurology and Neurosurgery

Sian Larcombe - Arcu D56

Sonya -  City campus imfliximad Day Unit

Sue Offler - Service Manager, Trauma and Orthopaedics

Sue Hall - Maxillofacial Outpatients

Susan Stevens - QMC

Surgery Division - Admin StaffSurgery Division

Susan Kinney - Neurosciences, Surgery

Technical Services - ICT Services

Tina Ward - Sterile Services

Tracey Price -  D8

Vicky Holden - Commercial Team, Strategy

Vida Moazzami - Pharmacist

Yvonne Kingston - Clinical Engineering

Virginia Brooks Edward 2

Volunteer of the Year Award

Alan Wright

Allyson Irvine

Andy Warren

Ann Hemingway

Barbara - Day Case Unit QMC

Bill Todd

Christopher Greaves and Ruby 

Dale Grounds

Elizabeth Annie Dexter

Geoffrey Chambers and the Volunteers

Gill Basson

Helena Durham 

Jill Barnes

Julie Caston

Margaret Wildgust

Mickey Lewis

Nicola Hay

Phil Brearley

Raj Chand

Richard Mee

Robert Spinks

Ruby / Afies - Pooches Therapy Dogs

Ruby Pooches

Shirley Bettinson

Trish Cargill

Jaen Todd

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