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Jo Oliver - Hospital library volunteer

JO OLIVER Jo Oliver has volunteered at QMC since 2002, working in the hospital library delivering books and magazines to patients on different wards and working as a meet and greet volunteer at volunteers helpdesk desk at the main entrance of the busy QMC.

She has been reminiscing on her time spent volunteering in the NHS over the last 15 years.

Jo said: “I originally decided to become a volunteer at the hospital as I had not worked for a while due to an injury and I really needed to get back out there and meeting people. I find volunteering at the hospital so rewarding as I really enjoy helping people. After recovering from my injury I decided to carry on volunteering even after I got a part time job.”

Jo described her volunteer peers and NUH colleagues as good friends and family, she said: “I have so much respect for the work the medical staff do and for the things they see first-hand, particularly with the pressure the health service is currently under. Looking back at my time, I wish that when I was younger I had trained to work in healthcare as I would have enjoyed a career in the NHS.”

She added: “When volunteering in main reception I see people from all walks of life and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to help these people, escorting them to their destinations when needed and generally helping with any information they require.”

Thanks for your commitment and dedication to Nottingham Hospitals over the last 15 years Jo!

Bow Heath - Volunteers in Stoma Clinic, City Hospital

Bow Heath Meet Bow Heath! Bow is one of our long serving volunteers and has worked at City Hospital Stoma Outpatients for over 40 years since becoming a patient on the Stoma Ward in her twenties.

She said: “I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease at the age of 10 and had surgery to remove the bowel aged 27. My surgeon, Mr Masterman, told me that he wanted me to join the outpatient’s clinic to share my experience as a young person with patients going through the same and similar experiences. During my recovery period, I remember the sister taking me down to the clinic in a wheelchair and I haven't looked back since.”

The clinic runs on the first Saturday of every month and is managed by specialist stoma nurses. The volunteers jointly front the stoma clinic for the nurses, logging in patients as they arrive, sending them through to the nurses and looking after the day to day running of the clinic. 

The clinic also encourages group discussion, providing the opportunity for people with a stoma to exchange views and ideas on their shared problems and successes.

When asked about how she feels to be one of the longest serving volunteers at NUH, Bow said: "I'm very proud of my 42 years of volunteering at Nottingham City Hospital and hope to continue supporting the clinic.”

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication Bow!