Quality, safety and experience

Our quality priorities 2018/19

Priority 1

Improve patient experience

What How
Make it easier for patients to stay in touch with friends & family when in hospital

• Introduce charging points in admission, discharge, ED and outpatient areas

• Implement a standardised process for publication and sharing of information on our website and through social media

Keeping patients active to aid their recovery

• Developing staff and patient/carer information

• Get patients up, dressed and moving as early as possible

Improved night time experience for patients by reducing noise at night • Develop and implement an NUH Better Sleep strategy


Priority 2

Improve patient safety

What How
Timely escalation and response to deteriorating patients

• Roll-out of the new National Early Warning Score (NEWS) 2 system from July onwards

• 20% reduction of avoidable harm and death associated with missed opportunities to identify and respond to deteriorating patients

Consistently involving families when something goes wrong

• Introduce strengthened Duty of Candour process

• Involve patients in incident investigations

• Introduce new family liaison officer role

•Roll-out Complaints in Compassion programme

Improved support for patients and staff involved in incidents

• Establish a rapid incident support team to respond to serious incidents

• Develop an evaluation tool for families and staff involved in incidents

• Increase incident reporting rate


Priority 3

Improve clinical effectiveness

What How
Learning from deaths to improve patient outcomes

• Introduce Medical Examiner role by September 2019

• Maintain SHMI within confidence intervals

Improved outcomes for patients

• Participate in all relevant national audits and quality standards reviews

• Benchmark Vs our peers

• All patients screened for sepsis within 1 hour of admission

• 92% of all patients diagnosed with high risk sepsis recieve antibiotics within 1 hour of confirmed diagnosis

• 20% increase in the number of Mental Capacity Act assessments when making DNACPR decisions

Increasing improvement capability across NUH to maximise learning from incidents and feedback

• Roll-out Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign (QSIR) programme across teams and services

• Develop NUH database of Quality Improvement projects and outcomes


Useful information

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