Shortlisted staff

Congratulations to the shortlist!

Read more about the shortlist in the Nurse & Midwife of the Year 2018 supplement and shortlist looklet:


Adult Nurse of the Year

  • James Roper
  • Denise Travers
  • Leanne Marshall 
  • Emily Mulvaney

Midwife of the Year

  • Christa Burgess
  • Sheena Akhtar
  • Jodie De Vivo-Moss
  • Nikki Syvret

Children's Nurse of the Year

  • Andrea Cronshaw
  • Cathy Hatfield
  • Holly Millerchip
  • Rachel Webb

Healthcare Assistant of the Year

  • Ryan Walpole
  • Rebecca Goffin
  • Danielle Reynolds

Student Nurse/Midwife of the Year

  • Eleanor Wood
  • Yie Sheen Teoh
  • Grace Ford

International Nurse of the Year

  • Luisa Avanzado
  • Jose Gabriel Macairan
  • Damaris Di Carlo

Nurse/Midwife Leader of the Year

  • Natasha McVey
  • Joseph Manning 
  • Adam Shelton-Johnson
  • Oli Downing

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