Staff experience groups


Staff from across NUH at all levels, work together to make NUH a better place to work.

A number of workstreams are in place to focus on priority areas where our staff have told us we can improve.

These are:

  • Value and Recognition
  • Keeping People Informed
  • Supporting Line Managers
  • Supporting People to do their Job
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Bullying and Harassment.

Any member of staff can volunteer to be involved in a Staff Experience Workstream which they have an interest in or feel they could contribute to.

Everyone’s ideas, thoughts and contributions are valid and welcomed.

Group contacts

Value and Recognition

Laura Skaife Knight (Director of Communications)


Supporting and Developing Line Managers

Maizie Lafond (Staff Side Chair)


Supporting People to do their Job

Jo Tomlinson (Head of Regulatory and Property)


Staff Wellbeing

Steph Knowles (Health and Well Being Lead)


Equality and Diversity Action Group

Giles Matsell (Head of Equality)


Diversity Violence and Bullying and Harassment

Neil Mart (Head of Organisational Risk)


General Enquiries

Jo Beckwith Workforce (Transformation Manager)

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