Services We Offer

We aim for educational excellence to develop staff and team expertise and to improve staff and student experience and wellbeing.  

We offer a multi-professional service to meet your needs bringing together expertise in education, Human Factors, simulation and technical applications (from practical skills to multimedia) in order to develop and support you and your learners.


Our Trent Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre audio and visual services can offer a range of audio and visual services to enhance educational courses for both NUH departments and  external clients. This includes converting files into web based formats through to a full filming, editing and production service. The range of services available includes:

Filming and editing

Offered as a service to support courses and training sessions, videos allow students and faculty access to reliable & reproducible course materials for use within the teaching environment, to support work based or on line learning. Films can be filmed off site, in the clinical environment or at TSCSC, wherever is required.

For an informal discussion or advice about your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we would be happy to show you examples of our work and explore options with you.

Keypad voting technology

Our keypad voting technology allows groups of up to 47 (more with notice), to respond anonymously to multiple choice questions via a hand held keypad. A bar graph of aggregate responses can be displayed immediately, allowing you to tailor the content or direction of your meeting, lecture or training session to the needs and abilities of your group.

The possible uses for this technology are endless. If you have any ideas or thoughts on how it could be used to help with your meeting, lecture or training session please do not hesitate to contact us.

CD/DVD publishing

Any meeting, training session or conference held at the Centre can be filmed. This can then be edited, titled and copied to either CD or DVD. Any number of copies can then be produced. This can be booked in advance.

For an informal discussion or advice about your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we would be happy to show you examples of our work, explore options with you and provide quotes as necessary.


For any queries or questions please contact the Trent Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre audio and visual services on 0115 924 9924 ext: 87094 or email

In-Situ Simulation

Simulation is a well-recognised modality of healthcare education. The ability to imitate the healthcare system in a safe environment provides effective education with positive learning outcomes for individuals and teams.

TSCSC delivers both in-centre and in-situation simulation. In-situ simulation not only enhances learning through active experimentation in the real-world, but also allows assessment to enhance system quality. In-situ simulation can identify inhibitory factors on processes and staff, and the positive factors that support resilience. 

TSCSC has experience using in-situ simulation to:

  • Identify latent threats to improve safety
  • Evaluate the emergency response of teams
  • Develop teams in their own environments
  • Evaluate new clinical environments and procedures
  • Test and develop clinical policies and guidelines
  • Train trauma teams

The team uses a standardised approach to developing in-situ simulations, including the use of bespoke models for latent threat analysis in healthcare.

Do you want to run an in-situ simulation at NUH?

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