Vision, values and strategy

We will be known for our pursuit of outstanding health outcomes and excellent patient and staff experience. We will develop our local hospital services in a way which better integrates them with community services, and will ensure only patients who need to come into hospital for care do so. We will grow and further develop our specialist services to secure our future as a leading specialist centre.

We want our values and behaviours to capture what makes working at NUH and being part of “Team NUH” special. The standards apply to all of us, are part of everybody’s job and apply to every action we take, every decision we make and how we care for our patients, their family members, carers and each other. They underpin our ability to deliver exceptional patient care and create a great environment for everyone who works at NUH, and one where we consistently demonstrate to patients and staff that we listen and we care.

2018-2028 Strategy summary

In May 2018 we launched our new 2018-2028 strategy. You can read the summary here:

2018-2028 Strategy summary cover