Bereavement Services

Bereavement Services are provided on both QMC & City Campus and managed as a single combined service consisting of:

  • Specialist Nursing and Midwifery team
  • Bereavement Centre
  • our Mortuary

Specialist Nursing and Midwifery Team

The Specialist Nursing and Midwifery Team role includes communicating with families where there is either a consented or a Coroner’s post mortem examination, facilitating the collection of tissues for diagnostic and research purposes, providing families with the results of examination, audit and facilitation of consent procedures. They also provide Bereavement Services as part of the department of Cellular Pathology.

Bereavement Centre

The Bereavement Centre facilitates appointments for bereaved families to complete the practical arrangements at the time of a death.  The Bereavement Service works closely with medical staff in order to ensure that paperwork is completed in a timely manner, but the responsibility for this lies ultimately with the Consultant in Charge of the care. The Bereavement Service provide specialist support and information, including handing over the certificate, co-ordination of cremation forms, handing over property where required and advice on registration and arranging funerals where there is no next of kin.


Mortuary staff care for the deceased from receipt into the mortuary to release to the funeral directors. Services are provided for the patients dying at NUH as well as providing facilities for HM Coroner to investigate deaths occurring in the local community. Both facilities are licensed under the Human Tissue Act. Viewings for immediate family can be arranged by contacting the appropriate mortuary. Post mortem examinations are carried out at QMC's mortuary only.