Information for carers

There are two important documents that many carers find helpful: the 'About Me' document and the carer's passport. You can ask the ward for the 'About Me' document for the person you are the carer for, and the carer’s passport for you.


'About Me'

The 'About Me' document has been developed to help staff get to know your relative or friend, to communicate with them better, help them to feel safe and secure while in hospital and to record how and when you want to be involved.

You can download the 'About Me' document (below) to fill in. When you have done this, please give it to a member of staff on the ward.  Alternatively, you can ask a member of staff on your friend or relative's ward for a paper copy to fill in and return.


Carer's passport

Carer's are welcome outside visiting hours in all areas. The carer's passport is available to the main carer's of all patients so carer's can visit outside normal visiting hours and whenever needed. Please ask a member of staff for a passport.

Please see the image below as an example of a carer's passport. 

Carer Passport Image

You can download our Carer's Passport - Carer Guide below:

Carers Passport Carer Guide.pdf [pdf] 84KB


Carer's assessments

By law carers who are providing or intend to provide regular and substantial care have a right to a carer's assessment of need. Find out more here:

If you live in the Nottingham city area, please ring the Nottinghamshire Carers Hub on 0115 824 8824 to discuss how you can get a carers assessment.

If you live in the Nottinghamshire (county ) area you can contact Nottinghamshire County Council on 0300 500 80 80.


Caring for yourself

The role of a carer can be stressful and it is important to remember your own physical and mental health needs. If you are worried about your health talk to your GP.

The NHS website has useful tips on caring for yourself.

Rethink is an organisation that focuses on the wellbeing of carers.

The NHS practical guide to healthy caring will help you if you have caring responsibilities, but it is written to be particularly relevant for those who are about 65 years or older and are new to caring.

End PJ Paralysis

NUH wants to work with carers to help keep their loved ones as active as possible while in hospital. 

Learn how you can help: 

EndPJparalysis - carers information sheet [pdf] 176KB


Carer's support and useful links

Nottinghamshire Carers Hub

If you are a carer in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire, please contact Nottinghamshire Carers Hub for information about access to support and services: