Bike wheel

Travel to work

A range of discounts and benefits are available to help our staff to decide how to get to work.

These include:

  • Money off tram passes - save up to £75 a year 
  • Discounted bus & train tickets - Access to the best discounts avaialble from NCT, Trent Barton, Your Bus and East Midlands Trains
  • Save money when you buy a brand new bike
  • Secure bike storage  
  • A new car sharing scheme 


Staff Travel Discount

Travel passes are available to NUH Staff for a reduced rate. For more details about the travel to work scheme click here. 

To apply for your staff travel permit click here.

Not sure of the best way to travel?

NUH staff are able to receive a free Personalised Travel Plan that will explore the options from home to work. The plans will look at bus, tram, train, cycling, walking, car share and part drive routes. Please e-mail for more details on how to receive your free plan.


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