Severe Asthma Service

The Severe Asthma Service is based in our airways clinic at Nottingham City Hospital, North corridor.

Asthma is a disease of the breathing tubes. Asthma causes these tubes to narrow and become inflamed. Severe (or difficult) asthma is the definition used to describe those people who are suffer from asthma attacks (exacerbations)  even if they are receiving optimal treatment, or are regular users of high dose inhaled or oral steroids.

At Nottingham University Hospitals, we have a team of healthcare professionals who  provide inpatient and outpatient care, including specialist nurses, physiotherapists and doctors. 

As well as providing care for patients from across Nottinghamshire we also treat patients via referrals from Derby, Kings Mill, Boston, Grantham and Lincoln Hospitals.

Asthma investigations

As part of our Severe Asthma Service we offer the following tests to patients with difficult to treat asthma.

Investigations include:

  • Spirometry and reversibility
  • Inhaler technique checking and personalisation
  • Blood tests including aspergillus serology, total IgE, specific IgE.
  • Skin prick tests to common aeroallergen (dog, cat, house dust mite, tree, grass pollen, aspergillus)
  • 24 hour pH manometry
  • Overnight oximetry
  • Exhaled nitric oxide*
  • Induced sputum*
  • Methacholine hyperresponsiveness*
  • We also offer a broad range of treatments for severe asthma including:
    anti-IgE, bronchial thermoplasty and treatment guided by inflammometry.

(Asthma investigations/tests labelled with an * are not available uniformly in the NHS)

Please ask your GP for a referral to our service.

The Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit

Research is vital in the development of better treatments, diagnostic tests and improved patient care. The Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit has a wide portfolio of research in asthma, from basic science at a cellular level, through clinical and onto the epidemiological and genetic background of asthma.

We have a joint partnership with University of Nottingham and perform independent research studies and also work with pharmaceutical companies and industry to investigate new treatments.

This important research can only take place if people with asthma volunteer to help.

We are grateful to all those people who have given up their time to take part in studies. We would also like to invite anyone who has not taken part but who may be interested to contact us.

Contact us

To contact the Severe Asthma team, Tel: 0115 969 1169 Ext: 51980

Fax: 0115 823 1946