If you are unsure of your occupational health requirements, we promise to give you the latest evidence based guidance to help you make the correct choice to allow you to prevent and actively manage the health and wellbeing of your workforce.


We are able to offer a full quotation for providing a service that meets your needs through an annual contract. Alternatively, organisations can purchase individual items as they require via a Service Level Agreement.

Some indicative prices are shown below.

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1. Pre-employment

Perusal of Health Questionnaire & Fitness Report  (Level 1) - £31

Pre-employment  referral Clinical Nurse Specialist  (Level 2) - £60


2. Management Referrals

Frequent Short Term Sickness Absence / Long Term Sickness Absence - £236

Ill health Retirement Assessment - £370


3. Counselling services

In House OH Counsellor (hourly rate) (maximum 6 sessions) - £62


4. First aid courses

First Aid at Work (3 days) - £257

First Aid at Work Requalification (2 - day) - £175

Emergency First at Work (6 hours – 1 day) - £89

Essentials of First Aid (2 hours) Group of 12 - £120


5. Immunisations & Vaccinations

BCG vaccination - £32

IGRA  Test - £89

Hepatitis B vaccination 3 doses required: cost per dose - £42

MMR vaccination  2 doses required: cost per dose - £34

VZV (chickenpox) requires 2 doses: cost per dose - £79

Accidental exposure to blood borne viruses. (initial telephone assessment and initial follow-up app with the nurse) Blood tests and further follow charged additionally - £159


Please get in touch for a more detailed price list and accurate quotation.

Work at sea

Our Consultants are appointed doctors under the under the Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) for off shore workers  and the  Martime and Coastguard Agency for Seafarers and Crew members.  We undertake medical fitness examinations for certification of ENG1 or ML5.

For more information on Oil & Gas UK and the Martime and Coastguard Agency go to:

Safety critical work

Safety critical areas such as transport, energy generation and the construction industry may have policies in place to carry out drug or alcohol testing in certain circumstances. We work with a UK accredited ISO 17025 laboratory to conduct these tests. We are unable to provide drug or alcohol testing if your organisation does not have an appropriate drug and alcohol policy in place.

Office workers

If your employees spend a significant amount of time sitting at a computer then they could experience fatigue, eye strain, upper limb problems or backache. The causes may not be obvious and are generally a combination of factors such as poor posture, poor lighting or badly designed office space. Our occupational health nurses can carry out an on-site visit and provide a comprehensive report that includes cost effective workplace recommendations.

Night workers

Employers must offer workers a free health assessment before they become a night worker. Workers don’t have to accept. You should take into account that night work might increase an employee’s stress levels.

We offer a night worker’s assessment which is usually a questionnaire. The questionnaire is screened by our qualified nurses. Your employee will be offered a follow-up examination by one of our nurses if you are unsure whether the worker is fit for night work. We recommend that a repeat assessment is offered regularly.

If we advise that your employee has a health problem that is related to night work, then the Working Time Regulation advise that where possible, you should offer suitable other work.

For more information go to:

Workplace transport drivers

We offer medical assessments for Group 1 Drivers, Group 2 Drivers and Lift Truck drivers.

In line with DVLA requirements, the HSE suggests employers screen potential transport operators for fitness before employment and at 5 yearly intervals from the age of 45. The HSE also recommends that you organise an assessment after an absence of more than one month or after a short absence if it is likely that the illness has affected the workers fitness to operate workplace transport.

Our nurses and occupational health consultants work together to carry out these assessments and so to minimise disruption to your organisation, we recommend that these take place in one of our locations in Nottingham.

Work in healthcare settings

Employers need to be able to demonstrate that they have an effective employee immunisation programme in place. We can offer advice on the recommended vaccines for your employees depending on their work environment. We are experts in delivering vaccinations and immunisations to care workers in hospitals, nursing homes, medical laboratories and other health and social care settings. We can offer the full range of vaccines recommended for healthcare workers by the Department of Health. Our vaccination programmes include hepatitis B, hepatitis A, tuberculosis, chicken pox, measles, mumps and rubella, anthrax, diphtheria, tetanus and polio, typhoid.

We will keep a record of employee’s vaccines to provide reassurance for you should you be inspected by Health and Safety Executive or the Care Quality Commission.

Workers in health and social care settings who give injections as part of their work, or who may come into contact with discarded syringes and needles, are at risk of injury. This could potentially lead to a blood borne infection, such as hepatitis B, HIV and hepatitis C. They should therefore have support in place from an occupational health service that will carry out the necessary tests and follow up care based on national guidance. Although this type of incident is rare, it can be very traumatic and we will offer care and support for your employee on an ongoing basis.

Protecting your employees from seasonal flu

To reduce lost time from work we can provide your employees with a yearly seasonal flu vaccination. We can deliver the vaccinations at your place of work, or at one of our locations in Nottingham. Our prices are competitive and to make sure we can deliver the vaccines to best suit the needs or your company, we advise you to contact us during the summer months to discuss your requirements. 

Employee Support Services


We have a team of experienced and fully qualified in-house counsellors based in our service. Our counsellors can provide face-to-face confidential person centered counselling at either of our locations in Nottingham.

Health and well-being

We can support you to create a positive and healthy working environment and our experienced nurses will help your employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. Our programmes aim to:


·  Ensure staff ‘know their numbers’ - blood pressure readings, cholesterol and blood sugar level checks. We provide immediate feedback and straightforward advice to your employees on ways to improve their health.

  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Change behaviour – such as smoking, alcohol and substance misuse
  • Increase physical activity
  • Promote healthy eating

We can offer health programmes and events bespoke to your company and advise you on the type of activities that are best suited to the needs of your workforce.

First Aid courses

The service provides a variety of first aid courses:

  • First Aid at Work
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Annual Refresher training for both qualifications.

The courses are run by an experienced and qualified first aider at our City Hospital Campus and we offer a variety of first aid courses provided by a qualified first aid instructor. The courses are listed below:

First aid at work (FAW)

Run over three consecutive days. The course starts at 08:45 and finishes at 16:15.

Further information on FAW: 

First Aid at Work FAW.pdf [pdf] 21KB


First aid at work requalification (FAWR)

This course is run over two consecutive days. The course starts at 08:45 and finishes at 16:15.


Emergency first aid at work (EFAW)

This course is run over 1 day, starting at 08:45 and finishing at 15:30.

Further information on EFAW:


Annual requalification (AR)

This is a 2 hour course.

Further information on AR:

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