Hospital maps QMC

Map of QMC 3D -  QMC Map 3D.pdf [pdf] 2MB


Map of QMC overview -  QMC Map overview.pdf [pdf] 575KB


Map of A Floor - QMC A Floor [pdf] 483KB
Services on A Floor include eye, ear, nose and throat (EENT); Emergency Department (A&E); Fracture Clinic; Occupational Therapy and Pathology


Map of B Floor - QMC B Floor [pdf] 489KB
Services on B Floor include the Acute Medicine Receiving Unit (AMRU), Maternity, Antenatal and Neo-natal Unit; Children's Clinic South/Children's Outpatients East; Clinics 2 and 3; oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Pharmacy and X-ray.


Map of C Floor - QMC C Floor [pdf] 159KB
Services on C Floor include Adult Intensive Care Unit (AICU); Diabetes Unit; Dietetics and Nutrition


Map of D Floor - QMC D Floor [pdf] 170KB
Services on D Floor include Children's Ambulatory Care Unit; Children's Burns and Plastics; Children's Dieticians; Children's Occupational Therapy; Children's Physiotherapy; Ward D57; Endoscopy; national LAM Centre


Map of E Floor - QMC E Floor [pdf] 163KB
Services on E Floor include; Children's Dialysis Unit; Children's Oncology/Rheumatology Day Case; Children's Respiratory Unit; Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU); Queen's Day Case Unit


Map of F Floor - QMC F Floor [pdf] 141KB
Services on F Floor include; Immunology unit